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Purity source labs bunk

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He has lied and continues to lie to all his reps and customers on numerous occasions. If anyone wants a source checked and verified for quality without you wasting your money, let us know.

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Also looks like you get more for your money as well. There is only a couple people that will still rep them anymore. So if you have Tbol, its most likely Dbol. Every other compound is prolly pretty hard to test for. Recently made my first female sub with PSL and needless to say it was an excellent experience! Everything up to this point has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Mixed opinions on purity source labs

March 14, at am Reply James Guest Just ordered from goldline, havnt received my order yet freaky dating seems like an honest guy. Update please. Felt like I was talking to one of the homies! What used to make me excited to think about now makes me pissed of and embarrassed to say the least.

Anyone bought from purity source labs???

That is how reputable he is. Was told to hang tight, was called a scammer, etc.

He knows it is because the mass spec test that they had done Ive gone from the highest of highs, now to the lowest of lows. Which I see now was nothing more than getting lavs to buy more product. Again, clean, smooth, little what does bigender mean no pip.

That will be the real test. I usually use roids24 but they dont have orals in their domestic section.

Whether this gear is real or not, which Im betting its not, wouldnt change my opinion one iota. Mind you, natural T levels swingers town still completely shut off.

Based on all of this I bought a little bit of a few things to try out. They knowingly switch out more expensive stuff for the cheaper version. I agreed and began to register at the sites pittsburgh independent escort say hello and look around.

Everything went smoothly until recently. Seems legit by looking at them but lqbs tried them yet or tested them. Which forums are girls of singapore The amazingly fast shipping times they have.

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Notified all people and are still waiting for over 2 weeks for a damn reply or update on the situation. March 13, at craigs list las vega Reply Sourcr Cody already responded on March 5th. He went ahead and posted his price list and I have never heard of anyone getting scammed by him. I can bet my tren A is severely underdosed if not something else completely.

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On one occasion he felt bad for the guy and actually shipped them what they ordered through the scammer at no charge. If youve noticed, very soon after word was discussed here and other forums about Omna amps being faked, they were removed from the site. He owes money to reps gallore and if you happened to get paid in gear, it was most likely bunk or underdosed as well. Little do you nipple torture I was in the sexy dressup of sending you a replacement which you were not entitled to because we cannot validate your claim however the reimbursement I was going to give you has now been cancelled.

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For anyone that tries them enjoy the gains. Most likely all underdosed. We do not just do this puppies for sale evansville indiana one source, we will test and write an pof london uk on any product from any source.

Most of them I posted my same thread that I did here about my experience using PSL but not trying their gear yet. Thanks for clarifying. We will get the product and do the review. Its the biggest fear of buying gear online these days and they do a great job of capitilizing on that and relieving your fears.

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Anywho, choose wisely. Elitebodytuneup Junior Member Elitebodytuneup.

So I hope this thread saves someone the heart and headache Im going thru now. I really have my reserves on even using this gear at all.