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Love like you singer

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Variations of the instrumental were used and then lyrics were added.

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Love like you

No spoilers in titles! With only about ten seconds the whole song was never played in one go, although fans did their best to edit the song together. Don't ari staccs or start flame wars.

You made some good points. Mark content from new episodes as a spoiler until four days after the episode premiere or the time frame the moderators will indicate on the subreddit header.

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Finally the whole song was officially pieced together on the Steven Universe soundtrack. Profanity isn't banned, but don't use profanity to attack others or say derogatory slurs, and do not make attacks on others.

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Love like you

Subscribe Reread the ending lyrics of the song and that meaning becomes abundantly clear. Don't spam the subreddit. No NSFW content is allowed.

Steven Bomb 17 wrote: I have some theories on this One of the Diamonds-At least the Nothing Like You part of the song, my reasoning is that they start thinking this when they meet Steven and I'm funny dating headlines sure it's not Yellow Diamond just yet. Don't repost content submitted within the lovs 30 days.

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Great analysis, Steven Bomb. The song however began to take on a more bleak tone. It does have time for about ten seconds worth of credits, though.

Keep content related to Steven Universe. Any fanwork submission fanart, videos, audio, cosplay should be linked to the original source.

Peridot-Again, the nothing like you part, my reasoning is that the ending came out two episodes before she got poofed and the ending with no music comes just two episodes later in Back to the Barn so something has something to do with Peridot. While the song colorado springs singles events seamless now, the lyrics were written over three years by Rebecca Sugar who also does vocals.

Use common sense; if you think it yoi be too much, it is.